Electronic Commerce Merchant website requirements
1. Merchant name/billing descriptor

The name that merchant uses to identify itself to its customers, must be easily distinguishable from any third party. Must be displayed at website and/or application, used consistently, including spelling, in every place that it is used. Fore e-commerce transactions, the website may be used, unless the website address is not directly related to the Merchant name.

2. Acceptance and 3-D Secure marks

Must be displayed in full colour, same size, frequency and parity with all other acceptance marks, symbols or logos at the point of payment choice for both the website and payment applications. 3-D Secure marks should be displayed only if the merchant is 3-D Secure compliant.

3. Merchant Outlet country, location and Principal Place of Business

Location at which the merchant conducts the business described and transaction is completed, allows the cardholder to identify whether the Transaction will be a Domestic or Cross-border. The location must not be misrepresented or altered and displayed prior cardholder is requested to provide Card information either: Within the sequence of web pages that the Cardholder accesses during the checkout process or on the same screen view as the checkout screen used to present the final Transaction amount.

4. Customer service contact

Including email address or telephone number. If the Merchant delivers goods or services outside of the Merchant Outlet country, both local and an internationally accessible telephone number must be provided.

5. The address for Cardholder correspondence

6. Description of goods and/or services

Including pricing and currency, taking into consideration the prohibition of minimum/maximum transaction amounts.

7. Refund, Return and Cancellation policies

During sequence of pages before final checkout and include a “click to accept” button or other acknowledgement. Might be a disclosed as a link to a separate page if that link forms part of the “click to accept” acknowledgement and refers to the return, refund, or cancellation policy.

8. Cardholder’s acknowledgement and acceptance of Merchant’s terms and policies.

For example, “Click to accept” button or other acknowledgement of Merchant’s terms (especially return, refund, or cancellation policy) that have been presented to the cardholder regarding the potential transaction. Should be displayed before final checkout.

9. Merchant’s consumer data privacy policy

10. Policy for delivery of multiple shipments

11. Honoring valid cards

Cards that are valid and properly presented for the purchase of goods and/or services at merchant’s website and/or application, without any discrimination.

12. Restrictions

Prohibition of selling Brand damaging and illegal goods and/or services that are not in full compliance with law, as well as providing services in regions without proper licensing or permission from relevant authorities.

13. Merchant's Legal information

14. VISA/MasterCard logos

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