Gathering, storing and using statistical data
By browsing the Site or downloading any data, the Client agrees that the Company automatically gathers and stores the data. This data is only used for the statistics about the Client’s actions on the Site. It doesn’t reveal the identity of the Client and is only required to collect the information about the number of visitors and the variety of tools they use in order to improve the Site features. No specific information is collected about the Client. The company gathers only the IP-address; Data on the operating system and the browser type used to navigate the Site; Time and date of visiting the Site; List of pages viewed within the Site; Website address visited prior to the Site navigation start (if any).

When visiting the Site, identification files («Cookie»-files) are used for the distinctive recognition of the Client among the other users of the Site. This information allows us to recognize you as a BEPI LTD Client, when you return to our website using the same computer and browser and to create a positive opinion about the experience of use of the Site by the Client. A client can disable loading Cookie-files (if permitted by the browser). To learn more about the use of Cookie-files, you may follow this link:
Collecting Client personal data:
The Company may collect and process the following personal data of the Client:

1) Registration data and documents that are handed in by the Client prior to cooperation. These are acquired when the Client registers on the Site, fills in the registration blank and submits all the necessary additional documents to the Company,
2) Client data and any documents that are submitted by the Client through his Merchant Panel of the Site or are in any way processed by his Merchant Panel.
3) Message archive storing all forms of communication with the Client, including mails, e-mails and phone call records.
Storing Client personal data:
The Company takes all measures necessary to secure all sensitive information regarding the Client.

The Company stores all the personal data provided by the Client on the secure data server but taking in account that no data transfer through the Internet can be completely secure, the company is not able to guarantee total data security; therefore, any data transfer is fraught with risk for the Client.
General purposes of the Client’s personal data use
The company uses the Client’s personal data for the following purposes:

1) When making a decision about creating the Merchant Panel for the Client and about the beginning of cooperation with the Client after receiving the corresponding request from the Client,
2) When identifying and studying the Client according to the corresponding law procedures to prevent legalization of an illegally acquired funds or terrorism funding,
3) When fulfilling the obligations arising from contracts made between the Company and the Client,
4) When answering the Client’s inquiries and appeals,
5) When providing the Client with information, wares or services that he asks of the Company, or those that are viewed by the Company as useful or interesting for the Client, when informing the Client about all the data changes, ware and service assortment changes of the Company and any special propositions of the Company and its partners,
6) When aligning the Site and Merchant Panel content with the Client expectations, creating content relevant for the Client, ensuring the most effective use of the Site and the Merchant Panel on the Client’s computers and mobile device, as well as providing the Client with access to certain components of both the Site and the Merchant Panel.
The disclosure of the Client’s personal data to third parties
The Company may disclose the Client’s personal data to third parties in the following cases:

1) If the Company is obliged to reveal or use the personal data of the Client in order to comply with regulations, at the request of the competent institutions,
2) If the Company or the Company’s assets are subject to the acquisition by any third party;
3) If such disclosure is necessary to fulfil the Client’s request;
4) If some of the Company’s services require the services of a third party, the third party will be provided with only the personal data of the Client, which are necessary for the given services.
Client’s access to his personal data
The Client’s right to access, change and delete his personal data can be used in accordance with the requirements of the law applicable and the GDPR. The Company has the right to restrict the Client’s access to his data if obliged to do so on the basis of the requirements of the law applicable and the GDPR.
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