Applicants, included in the Sanctions List
1. Artefacts, culturally valuable art and historical objects located/stored at the country of
the consumer;
2. Used cosmetics;
3. Counterfeit currency, coins and stamps;
4. Poisons, drugs and drug paraphernalia, narcotic or drug-like substances, legal
substances formulas and descriptions;
5. Herbs, noxious weeds and prohibited seeds;
6. Tobacco products;
7. Medical products and medicines, prescription drugs, pills, medications and their
components with the exception of dietary supplements;
8.Electronic devices including equipment deemed unlawful by the consumer's country of
residence (for example cable TV descramblers, radar scanners, and traffic signal control
devices, surveillance equipment, wiretapping devices, and telephone bugging devices.
9.Modchips (devices used to bypass technical capabilities for copyright protection in
many popular game devices, including game consoles, in order to run copies of licensed
games and applications and proprietary programs),game emulators, boot disks and
10. Firearms, weapons, guns, knives, pepper spray, replicas and stun guns with the
exception of sports equipment (bows for sports shooting, paintball guns, etc.) ;
11. Government documents, IDs, licenses, uniform and other goods or any police
(militia) items;
12. Dangerous and hazardous goods, perishable or restricted items (for example
explosives, radioactive materials, toxic substances, batteries, fireworks, Freon);
13. Goods / services that are contrary to the public interest, principles of humanity,
ethics and morality. (For example, human organs and remains);
14. Items, encouraging illegal activity or links to items, promoting others to engage in
illegal activity;
15. Locksmithing devices;
16. Bulk or unsolicited mail lists or lists that contain personal data;
17. Offensive Material (items that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial or religious
intolerance, nazi memorabilia, offensive goods or materials), activities that incite national
and religious discord;
18. Prohibited items (MERCHANT is not allowed to sell or require illegal or sexual
services and any other services that contradict with the System's Code);19. Child pornography, and other sexually suggestive materials involving minors; escort
or prostitution services,other adult content prohibited by payment system rules; ;
20. Slot machines, including their analogues and spare parts;
21. Stolen property and property with removed serial numbers;
22. Illegal /piracy audio or video recordings, activities that infringe on copyright (digital
content (music, videos, and/or software);
23. Counterfeit or infringing goods, designer (branded) products, replicas, counterfeit
medicines, etc.);
24. Goods, having no use value, including those with expired date;
25. Timeshares;
24. Content that contains violence or perversions;
26. Auctions or trading systems, allowing its participants to perform activities, excluding
actual transfer of goods, services or other products, bearing a use value, while all
participants must pay regardless of whether they win or not;
27. Financial or payment instruments, that do not ensure proper KYC procedures and
customers identification for the purposes of fighting illicit trafficking, financial fraud, illegal
proceeds and money laundering(shell banks/companies);
28. Attraction of individuals' funds on a large scale, in which the income is paid at the
expense of borrowed funds of other individuals in the absence of investment and (or)
other legitimate business activity related to the use of borrowed funds in the amount
commensurate with the volume of borrowed money funds (investment and financial
29. Services in which there are signs of fraud / deception. (Including network marketing,
exorcism, 25th frame technology, dubious weight loss techniques, paid sports
predictions, etc.).
30. Acquisition, exchange and sale of crypto currency (exchange, wallets, etc. services),
other analogues of virtual currencies and other quasi-cash; attraction of investments in
the form of sale to investors a fixed number of new units of crypto currency (ICO and its
31. Services of exchange offices (including services positioned as an exchange of funds
for other financial instruments) that violate the legislation of the UK, except for the
legitimate implementation of transactions with foreign currency provided by the
legislation of the UK by authorized banks;
32. Activities that may be misleading or deceiving for the buyer (goods with a short
period of free testing and with no opportunity to reject the goods; delivery of the buyer’s
personal data to a third party; the need for the holder’s express rejection of extra
services or goods at the website; and/or fraudulent fundraising or activities that imitate
provision with governmental services; or activities of a website that are thought to be
conducted with celebrities’ approval or participation, etc.);
33. Waste generated in the process of chemical weapons destruction;
34. Museum objects and museum collections that are part of the Museum Fund of the
UK;35.Precious metals, precious stones in nuggets;
36. Pesticides characterized by an increased probability of a negative effect on people’s
health and the environment, this probability confirmed by registration tests of pesticides
and agrochemicals;
37. Counterfeit medical and dental devices that have not been approved by regulators or
whose life has expired, such as condoms, intravascular catheters, implants for breasts
and other body parts, devices and equipment for use by hospitals, doctors, and dentists,
diagnostic kits for tests for HIV, diabetes mellitus and pregnancy, etc.;
38. Cyberlockers;
39. Other goods and services whose sales violate requirements of laws;
40. Financing of terrorism and extremist activities;
41. Lotteries (except for state ones);
42. Weapons of mass destruction proliferation financing.
43. Slave trade and human trafficking.
44. Sale of game accounts with logins and passwords from them, “busting” of game
characters, as well as the sale of game currency by an unauthorized copyright holder.

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